About Us
Green Vanderbilt is located on Wall Street in New York, USA - World Financial Center. We currently have following departments: Consulting, Marketing, Logistics, Engineering, Legal and Accounting consultancy, and Information Department. Rapid development and quick adaptation to market changes has made our company stand out.

Green Vanderbilt has good relations with countries around the world. Green Vanderbilt will continue to work and expand business relationships with countries around the world, finding business opportunities to bring our company and partners to other parts of the world for future economic developments. 

Green Vanderbilt has a good reputation in the import and export business throughout the company's history:  Exporting large volumes of waste and industrial waste such as plastic, electronics and metal. We also can offer machinery and close out factories. In aspect of Import, Green Vanderbilt has various distribution channels and professional sales team. We import different kinds of raw material and merchandise sale to US, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Green Vanderbilt has exclusive marketing rights, such as electronic product, machinery and construction material. We can help open up your products to world market.

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